On the occasion of the bicentenary of the outset of the Greek Revolution and in continuation of the anniversary events planned, on Saturday, September 25, 2021, at 18h, the Holy Metropolitanate of Messenia presents an anniversary music event with songs about 1821 in cooperation with the Music School of Kalamata, as well as a play by the children of the Youth Companies of the Holy Metropolitanate of Messenia under the title “The Kiss” by Mihail Mitsakis referring to the legendary tradition of the kiss of Ibrahim on the dead body of Papaflessas.

Within the framework of this event, prizes will be awarded to the pupils who took part in the Pan-Messenian Contest of Essay-writing, Poetry, Drama and Works of digital creation (video, mobility-enhanced robotics, music creation by digital means) on the subject “Ecclesiastical Personalities of the Fight in Messenia: Metropolitan Chryssanthos Pagonis of Monemvassia and Kalamata, Bishop Gregorios Bistis of Koroni, and Bishop Gregorios Papatheodorou of Methoni”, in cooperation with the Directorate of Secondary Education of Messenia.