On July 26, 1822, day of commemoration of Saint Paraskevi, Theodoros Kolokotronis at the head of 2,500 other Greeks and working together with Nikitaras and the Flessas’ thrashed the troops of Mahmud Dramali Pasha (32,000 men) at Dervenakia of Corinthia. Dramali was on his way back from Argos through the Dervenakia Straits to Corinth. The victory of the Greeks was completed on July 27 with the battle in the straits of Aghionori.

Dramali’ destruction highlighted the military genius of Kolokotronis and established the Revolution in the Peloponnese. Soon afterwards, a devastated Dramali died of high fever in Corinth.

Photograph: @ekklisia1821 | Theodoros Kolokotronis, Dervenakia 2021